Founded in 2017, Magic City Fashion Week aims to cultivate, connect, and showcase the artistic community of Birmingham, AL through fashion. MCFW places a strong emphasis on the development of emerging designers while fostering engagement with community partners to utilize fashion as a vehicle for change. MCFW has partnered with Birmingham AIDS Outreach for its inaugural multi-day event, set to take place during the week of the 76th Annual Magic City Classic.


The mission of Magic City Fashion Week is to fill a void in the Birmingham creative community while simultaneously reducing stigma and raising awareness for HIV. We believe that art, specifically fashion, has the power to send important messages that could otherwise go unheard. Over time, advocacy and community outreach has intertwined itself into the DNA of Splashed by DKG and Magic City Fashion Week is a direct result of that. MCFW is a platform for emerging talent to express themselves artistically through fashion, bring about social change, and promote diversity, while educating the community at large.


The goal of Magic City Fashion Week is to provide a platform not only for designers, but beauty industry professionals, photographers, videographers, models and the like; to create social change by reducing stigmas through education, advocacy, and awareness; and to promote diversity and inclusion in the Birmingham fashion community regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, size, religion, and socio-economic status. Through artistic expression, we will fundraise to support community partners who’s work directly impacts the well-being of our city and surrounding areas.


Cultivate emerging designers and provide them with a creative, inclusive, and professional platform to showcase their talent.


To engage with community partners to help existing shops and businesses thrive and gain the foot traffic necessary for sustainability. 


Transform the knowledge of HIV from awareness to competency, so that people can go from simply knowing that it exists to knowing their status and being able to educate others in an effective and responsible manner. 


Founding Brand - Splashed by DKG


Our Team


Daniel Grier

Co-FOUNDER & managing partner

Instagram: @thedesignerdkg




Derek DeAndre

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Instagram: @derekdeadnre





Paula Sutherland: Admin Assistant/Program Coordinator - Volunteers

Instagram: @paulac_realtor | paula@magiccityfashionweek.com

Emma Ford: Program Coordinator - Bloggers & Influencers

Instagram: @oluwafunmifly | emma@magiccityfashionweek.com | Houseofodara.com

Brittany Boykin: Program Coordinator - events

Instagram: @callherbb | bb@magiccityfashionweek.com | 924btrendy.com

Marketing & Communications

Keicia Shanta: public relations coordinator

Instagram: fashioncrushweekly | kecia@magiccityfashionweek.com | fashioncrushweekly.com

Jacqueline Jones: Social Media Manager

Instagram: @onedegreemmm | jacqueline@onedegreemmm.com | onedegreemmm.com


Aliscia Gilmore: Talent coordinator - Designers

Instagram: @aliscia.marie | aliscia@magiccityfashionweek.com | fromanothermister.com

RickQuel Young: Talent coordinator - models

Instagram: @rickquel_iam | rickquel@magiccityfashionweek.com

Leann Marsh: Talent coordinator - Beauty

Instagram: @kounryguh21 | leann@magiccityfashionweek.com


Tony Sinclair: key content coordinator - Photography & Videography

Instagram: @tonyhaute | tony@magiccityfashionweek.com



“I want for Birmingham to be so much more than a footnote in the Civil Rights section of the US biography.”

Derek Deandre|  Co-Founder


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