Bloggers Night Out in the Magic City


Last night I attended my second Bloggers Night Out event of the year this time hosted by the creators of Magic City Fashion Week coming to Birmingham, Al this Fall. The special guest was none other than @thevicstyles. I was so honored to hear about this event and the special guest. I have been following and admiring Vic's social media pages for two years now. Within those two years I have invested in myself and her brand by taking her online e-courses  Instagram like a pro & Styling 1O1. Both courses were beneficial to my fashion/blogger journey, especially the styling course. I learned so much important information as an aspiring stylist/designer entrepreneur. Things like how to start, what things to have, and how to find clients.

Enough about these e-course gems that I'm dropping let me introduce you to last nights conversation in case you missed it.

The amount of bloggers and creatives that showed up to this event was outstanding. The vibes were good and so many of us were fascinated and eager to learn. Vic has a long resume of celebrity clients that she has styled for red carpets and editorial shoots. She explained, "this sh*t is HARD it is a HUSTLE. I bust my ass to get to where I am today. I was always different and I took risks." After transitioning colleges from FAMU to UAB to moving to Los Angeles the city of angels. She told us that we will have to work for free for a lot of things starting out as any type of blogger.

Humbling beginnings you know,  Don't quit your day job until you can maximize an equal income or higher income blogging full time. So much wisdom in these conversations. The creators of Magic City Fashion Week were very insightful as well dropping humorous knowledge from their experiences as Designers and the importance of exposure (so glad I was able to attend). Also they discussed the importance of market in Birmingham .Because it's not as fast as major cities such as LA, Atlanta or New York it gives us a chance to create something that could be huge for Alabama! Glad that I am trying to be apart of this wave. 

VIC and I

VIC and I

Magic City Fashion Week is set for October 24-28. *