I Took My Granddad to Bloggers Night Out


When I heard  Magic City Fashion Week  was hosting a Bloggers Night Out event featuring pro lifestyle blogger VicStyles my heart skipped a beat. I knew I couldn't miss the opportunity to meet my blogger mentor (In my head) Victoria Sanders.  

Many people don't know that blogging come so easy to me because I'm not the biggest social butterfly in person. So when deciding to attend Bloggers Night Out I knew my outfit had to be something that fueled my confidence. I sat on the floor in my closet in indian style and judged every garment I own and formulated an inessential reason as to why it wouldn't work. 

In the midst of my fashion pettiness I looked up to see my grandfathers pinstriped dress shirt. My granny gifted it to me after he passed and it's one of my favorite possessions. Then an idea hit me, Deconstructed Fashion! Not only would it be like having a security blanket from one my favorite people in the world wrapped around me, but I'd be right on trend!  


I paired the oversized button down with high rise black AG jeans, Guess sneaker slides and a wide brim straw hat, Can we say fashion comfort! With that being said
Bloggers Night Out was such a great experience I gained so much information from Blog maven Vic. These are three points of promise that really stuck with me. 

•Creating A Bubble of Likeminded People
When presented with the statement that "Social media can be fake or falsified" 
Vic informed us that it's important to create a social media "Bubble" for yourself. You don't have to follow people that you don't have anything in common with. Follow people who can inspire you and that have common interests of yours. 

•Treat Instagram Like a Job
Vic also gave us insight on the best way to use your Instagram! She lets us know that when using Instagram obtain the mindset that it is your job. 
-Get online to respond to those you need to.
-Post Content & Find Inspiration for content
- Then Log off ! 

•Creating a Media Kit
She also honed in on ways to developing your brand by developing a media kit. It is very important for beginning bloggers to create media kits to help build their name. It's very important to collaborate and be willing to work for Free.99 ! When you're a beginning blogger. Local boutiques, restaurants anywhere you can think of that could use a social media partnership. 

I'm so thankful for Magic City Fashion Week creating an opportunity for bloggers like myself to learn and enjoy a mix of like minded people. I ca t wait to see what opportunities they bring to the table for Birmingham. If you attended Bloggers Night Out? What advice did you enjoy the most?