Whenever there's an event, especially a blogger event, I get a little stressed about what I'm going to wear.   I feel like I've worn everything in my closet a million times and a million ways.  So I scroll Pinterest for a style vision, map out a shopping route, and I go buy something --that I may or may not have the money to afford. But what if I didn't have to do that?

Yesterday I was scheduled to attend #bloggersnightout, hosted by Magic City Fashion Week and Victoria Sanders (aka @thevicstyles). I was all set with my style vision and my shoppingroute, but after work I really wasn't in the mood to go anywhere except home. I needed something to wear though...what was I going to do? I thought about an Instagram post from Vic, her caption read "finding new ways to love old things", and I was inspired to shop my closet. Instead of going in hating everything, I embraced a positive mindset and activated some imagination and innovation. Besides, I  have a lot of clothes surely I could find something. I discovered a denim dress I bought on a thrift trip a little ways back. Five minutes and some borrowed scissors later I had a sexy denim dress I was proud of. I even had time to eat and chill before getting ready for the event.

The event was amazing! Bloggers (beginner, intermediate, and professional) from all over the city met to mix, mingle, learn, and connect with one another. Vic, being a professional blogger, dropped all the gems. Here are the top three that resonated personally:

  • Combat comparison by being you! Vic noted that she got her greatest success when she stopped trying to be blogger ABC and started being @thevicstyles. It's important that you bring your authentic self to the proverbial table, that's who readers and viewers connect with. And its easier to be yourself than anyone else.
  • Find your objective as a blogger. Hint, money and followers should not be your objective. Vic stated if you're here for the money, you can get out now! Blogging for bucks is possible, you can look at Vic and a thousand others for examples, but the road to the dollars is paved in patience  and perseverance.
  • Stop looking at social media as a consumer and look at it as a creator. It's easy to get lost in the social media sauce. Vic noted she doesn't spend hours scrolling and watching other instastars. She is there to post, respond, and/or find inspiration. Period! Moral of the story get on, produce, and get off!

It always boost my spirits to be around like minded people. I'm learning you truly need a tribe around you to keep you going. I've been hella discouraged about blogging and where I fit in this space. Vic's words, the lovely blogger ladies, and the overall event re-energized me. I'm looking forward to creating great content and hopefully sitting where Vic is in a few years.

If you attended the event, what did you think or what stood out to you? If you missed it, did this post help fill you or inspire you? Let me know in the comments! Also,  Magic City Fashion Week is looking for bloggers, photographers, designers, makeup artist and more, for more information visit here  


Andie of  @hiploot  on Instagram. 

Andie of @hiploot on Instagram.