Ambitious? Somewhat. Possible? ABSOLUTELY!

As we start our week, I want to spend some time with a word that keeps coming up when we talk about Magic City Fashion Week. That word is "ambitious."

When we tell people about Magic City Fashion Week, the overwhelming majority get excited. They want to know more about how they can be involved or what are we planning to do. Naturally, we expound. We tell them about our mission, vision, and goals. We communicate our heart's desire to involve the community and increase hiv awareness thereby reducing stigma. And then we tell them that this is happening in October of this year and some say yes that makes perfect sense. It's the Magic City Classic and people will be here. Others look at us and say wow, the timeline seems short; that's really ambitious of you. To those people I say, yes you're absolutely correct. But I also submit that is absolutely going to happen. 

When Daniel and myself first developed the idea for MCFW, we didn't think about how soon October is. What we thought about was our mission, our vision, and our goals; and how we could optimize the impact of those. We thought about the void in the creative community. We saw an opportunity to satisfy a need and decided that now was the time to act on it. Daniel and I are by no means silver spoon type of guys. We have had to make a way out of no way on many occasions when it's come to our increasingly successful clothing brand, Splashed by DKG. What makes us successful is not so much what we know, but what we're willing to learn and take on. We don't know everything. We learn everyday. We welcome partnership and feed off on collaboration. We've developed a team of creative powerhouses to help bring this fashion week to fruition. So with that being said: ready or not, here comes Magic City Fashion Week. This inaugural year is about proof of concept, proof that this can happen. We fully understand and accept the charge of gaining your trust. We simply thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you. 


Peace and blessings

-Derek DeAndre