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The mission of Magic City Fashion Week is to fill a void in the Birmingham creative community. We believe that art, specifically fashion, has the power to send important messages that could otherwise go unheard. Over time, advocacy and community outreach has intertwined itself into the DNA of Splashed by DKG and Magic City Fashion Week is a direct result of that. MCFW is a platform for emerging talent to express themselves artistically through fashion, bring about social change, and promote diversity, while educating the community at large.

Magic City Fashion Week will take place October 24-28, 2017. We will use each day to highlight fashion history in Birmingham, fashion for the everyday woman, HIV awareness, local shopping & commerce and emerging designers. Fashion week will surround The Magic City Classic, the largest city-sponsored event in Birmingham. This is a time when crowds of 70,000 people flock to the city for the largest HBCU classic in the country between Alabama State University & Alabama A&M University. The African American community is disproportionately affected by HIV in relation to other demographics. So why not use this time when we have a city full of the target audience to not only provide entertainment, but spread awareness as well? We've partnered with education agencies, retail partners, and service providers to put together a week's worth of amazing events and now we just need the funding to back it. 

As up and coming artists, we understand the importance of building up other talented individuals so that the community can thrive. We are already using our resources to pour into Birmingham creatives and the community at large. We have hosted (or will host in the coming weeks leading up to fashion week) inspirational events for bloggers, designers, beauty professionals, models, and the like. We've collaborated with other local interest groups and community partners to showcase the beauty of Birmingham. We want to continue to nurture the creatives in our city so that they can grow and use their voice to evoke positive change in the world. 

Magic City Fashion Week Presented by Splashed by DKG is seeking the support of the Kickstarter community and our home base to help make this venture the amazing reality that it can be. We are a new organization and proof of who we are, what we do, and how we do it are essential to our success moving forward. We have to do this with excellence in order to ensure the sustainability of our efforts. So far we have hosted events to empower creatives in the city with money from our own pockets and they have been highly successful and well attended. But we need more financial support to bring our vision of a true street style Fashion Week experience to Birmingham, AL. 

All monetary collections will go to production costs of our four nights of fashion shows and close out event. Costs include but are not limited to venue rental, decor, staging and lighting, security, and marketing. As organizers, it is not our goal to be paid a salary from this Kickstarter and proceeds from ticket and merchandise sales leading up to October will go to support Magic City Fashion Week 2018. We will also make a monetary donation to Birmingham AIDS Outreach for the betterment of the lives of those living with HIV and prevention of its spreading. 

The official schedule will be announced at our Kick-Off Party on October 1, 2017. The slated events will be included in updates once they are announced. More information about our organization and the events that we are curating leading up to fashion week can be found at

Risks and challenges

We are a new organization built of people who have experience specific to our corresponding brands. So, the venture into being a service and experience provider for the general public is new. However, we understand the importance of not reinventing the wheel. We volunteered and participated in two very successful and on-going fashion week organizations before starting this venture. Charleston Fashion Week and Nashville Fashion Week are very polished and well organized. We formed a bond with the founders of Nashville Fashion Week after our brand Splashed by DKG presented in their spring 2017 production. And we have since come under their mentorship for our own fashion week. 

Birmingham, AL is not known for fashion. So, getting the support of some larger companies who don't understand the value of our industry in this city can be challenging. But we are combatting that by tying in community building, highlighting the city, and addressing the rising HIV epidemic. We are not simply a fashion week that is benefitting creatives. We are here for the people.

Magic City Fashion Week