Blogger's Night Out: Corbin Farms Winery Recap

Bloggers Night Out at Corbins Farms

A night out with these awesome bloggers & influencers was a fabulous thing that happened this past Saturday. We laughed, ate, shared blogging ideas and trends and also got the chance to engage in questions with the hostesses of the hour Jamie Davenport and Emma Searcy Ford.

Jamie is a well known wardrobe artist and Alabama native who specializes in the look of women and helping them to obtain their best styles. She has been providing her skills through her company StyleBox, a subscription based styling service.


Jamie introduced to us her struggles as a fashion stylist, but encouraged us that consistency and boldness is the key to accomplishing our dreams, and that anything is possible with the will of God. Not only did she educate us on her journey in the fashion industry but she also gave us a bit of her past. She talked about moving to Atlanta in hopes that a bigger city would mean better opportunities. She soon realized that due to the market saturation in Atlanta it was best for her to take her craft and skills back to home to Birmingham, AL.


Emma introduced us to some great blogging tips and how to help us advance in our careers by becoming influencers. She touched on the basis of creating a post on Instagram that would attract many views and those that would not. She also educated us on branding and how not to put ourselves in a financial bind by trying to keep up with the Kardashians…lol!. Blogging is not an easy task. Remaining true to yourself and your looks and inspiration is what sets each of us apart! One thing is for sure if we support each other, the possibilities will be endless!

Meeting these women and engaging in conversation gave each of us insights on how to advance as brand influencers or ambassadors.


Writer: Alice Goldsmith

Instagram: @Alice_goldsmith_